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Anthem (Xbox One)

Anthem (Xbox One)

Anthem is the brainchild of two outstanding companies: EA and BioWare. At its core, it is an online multiplayer action RPG with quite a unique style.

You are dropped into a beautiful but treacherous world that was left unfinished by the Gods. It is filled with stunning vistas and forgotten technology from a long past. You and your teammates take the roles of Freelancers in charge of keeping this tech away from an unknown, shadowy organization attempting to steal it and use it for their sinister goals.

-Multiplayer at its core - Anthem is, first and foremost, a social experience. You can assemble a team of up to three heroes and cooperate through various challenges that await you in this world forsaken by the Gods.

-Javelin exo-suits - The most important tool for every Freelancer is their Javelin exo-suite. They are highly customizable pieces of equipment that define the capabilities and strengths of your Freelancer. Find a style that you like and join the fray.

-Gather loot and experience - The more challenges you overcome, the better gear you get until your exo-suite is a testament to your skills and experience. Find the best loot and be the most dominant player on the battlefield.

-The world of Anthem - First of all, the Frostbite game engine is doing a stellar job of bringing the beauty of Anthem’s environment to the foreground. The world itself has been envisioned as a live project which will be expanded on down the road with new quests, areas, monsters, and of course, loot.

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